Cecilia Echenique LAFW SS17 - Manny Llanura Photography


Cecilia Echenique is a born-artist fashion designer. She graduated in Industrial Design from FAAP – FUNDAÇÃO ARMANDO ÁLVARES PENTEADO, a prestigious post-graduate education institution in São Paulo, Brazil. She also lived in Paris where she worked in the Pompidou Museum as a set designer of its exhibitions. Since then, she has travelling around the world in order to know different cultures, as well as different outfits and beliefs. She is inspired by human being and nature as well.

Her first studio was opened when she came back to Brazil. Her design comes up from a deep dive into ethnic references, shapes of nature and the movements of the body. Cecilia creates intuitive fashion that have special touches of hand crafted details and complex handmade embellishments.

Website: www.ceciliaechenique.com.br

Facebook: www.fb.com/atelierceciliaechenique

Instagram: @ceciliaechenique_atelier

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