New fresh faces and bodies, including trailblazers like Viktoria Modesta and Angela Rockwood, will wear the 2017 Collection of Bezgraniz Couture, who are leading the new movement of universal fashion for the fastest growing emerging market of consumers. The award-winning designer brand specializes in garments constructed to meet the demands of its users; to achieve a new lifestyle, associated with the sensation of freedom and self-confidence using a combination of hi-tech fabrics and technologies.

The collection addresses wheelchair users, amputees, people with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and those with mobility restrictions. The goal of the show is to present a new design approach and to drive attention to this important new market of accessible fashion. This season, Bezgraniz Couture will be presenting a collection made by the students of the British Higher School of Design in Moscow. The collection, named REVOLUTIONARIES, refers to the method of the Russian avant-garde wherein the study of function leads to elaborated design which creates an ultimate new form for individuals for the new world. In 2010, Bezgraniz CoutureTM (Fashion without Borders) was founded by Janina Urussowa and Tobias Reisner. The project promotes the creation of high-end design for the new emerging market: customers with disabilities. Via collaborations with Russian and international designers, the organization of educational programs and new cultural initiatives, the project wants not only to create innovative fashion products, but also to rebrand disability itself: to change the way people with disabilities perceive themselves and are perceived by others. The motto of the project is “Changing the world of fashion – we change the world”. In 2014, Bezgraniz Couture was the first brand in the world to present functional and stylish collections for people with disabilities on a catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.



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