Daniela Bozza is a Chilean self-taught designer whose relationship with the fashion world comes in a haphazard manner. In this unplanned style, she coincides with her director and photographer Pascal Krumm and Director Alphi, with whom has worked in costume design for videos of the most important bands in their country. The greatest passion that Daniela has grown in recent years, is dressing women, providing a touch of elegance and femininity to everyday streets of the city. Responding to the overwhelming supply of retail with quality and originality, Daniela defends a classic style without losing freshness.

Her success has developed in store for almost seven years. Daniela has become a well-recognized designer in her country and proof of this has been at her participation in the Santiago de Chile Fashion Week in 2014. Black and white features, her personal stamp, played a fundamental role in her collection that year. Her current collection is a challenge and an adventure, where it seeks to find the perfect balance between night and day along with the classic and the contemporary. Daniela’s collection is about women being aware of themselves and in accordance with the world that surrounds them. The woman master of her destiny that coexists in a man’s world, but that does not renounce to its essence nor to their dreams.

Website : http://www.danielabozza.cl/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/danielabozza/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Daniela-Bozza-244710999028918/

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