Rebecca Rivera established the brand IRISHLATINA before ever attending design school. Born and raised in Southern California, Rivera studied Costume Design for the Theatre before graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Upon graduating, Rivera qualified for the top 50 in the MUUSE X Vogue Talents Young Vision Award Competition. IRISHLATINA is a high-street womenswear brand based out of New York and Los Angeles.

The IRISHLATINA brand is a nod to Rivera’s dual ethnicity, and just like her unexpected mix, she plays with mixing cultures in her design: youth culture, skate culture and hip hop culture are all influencers on the IRISHLATINA aesthetic. Rivera fuses the casual silhouettes of street wear with the time-honored tradition of old world quilting techniques reminiscent of when garments were made at home. Combinations of theatrical and practical meet nostalgic newness.


Instagram: @IrishLatinaLabel


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